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A Filipina publisher Ley Pascual launched Desert Riders Magazine (DRM) in the mid of 2015, the first and only magazine about motorcycles and riders in the Middle East. Todate, we are about to have its 4th edition, published December 2015.

The magazine contains the activities and stories of motorcycle riders not only in Qatar but also throughout the Gulf region, including Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. A separate article on Filipino motorcycle riders is also included in the magazine.

The magazine is the brainchild of Pascual, who has been a motorcycle rider herself back home. She continued her passion for riding as an overseas Filipino professional in the Middle East.

Desert Riders Middle East, has an FB page for motorcycle riders, enthusiast, hobbyist and people who are simply interested about bikes. To date, there are many bikers group in Mid-east, and its number continue to grow, thereby, this site is designed so that bikers group can post their upcoming events, photos, bike race and post their experiences as riders. So, stop, click and share Website: http://Subscribe.DesertRiders.net

DRM 3rd EditionDRM 3rd Edition

Pascual disclosed during her courtesy call on Philippine Ambassador to Qatar Wilfredo C. Santos at the Philippine Embassy in Doha that her team is planning to organize an international rally in the Philippines to be called “Discover Philippines,” which will comprise of foreign and local motorcycle clubs.

The event aims to explore scenic tourist spots in the Philippines in line with the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) “Visit the Philippines 2015” campaign. It also intends to initiate a road safety awareness program based on international traffic safety standards. The rally could also include car enthusiasts, according to Pascual.

The Philippine Embassy in Doha is currently coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of the Undersecretary for International and Economic Relations (DFA-OUIER) and the DOT to flesh out the details of this proposal, including inviting well-known motorcycle and car enthusiasts and groups in the Philippines to ensure wider media coverage.


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