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Envoy and UFOQ Chair Affirm Stronger Ties in 2016

31 December 2015

Doha, State of Qatar

In a  year-end meeting held yesterday evening (30 December) at Doubletree Hotel by Hilton in Doha, Ambassador Wilfredo C. Santos, in his short message, commended the umbrella organization – UFOQ for its collective efforts in partnership with the Philippine Embassy in developing relation with, and delivering community programs and services to Filipino migrant workers in Qatar.


“We aim to further increase such interactions.” Ambassador Santos stressed out.

The envoy also hopes to see motivations in leadership among groups, and looks forward for the best in 2016.

“As we prepare ourselves for the coming challenges and opportunities in 2016, we need your support. With patience and understanding new challenges ahead, let’s continue to work together for a more fruitful and productive 2016.”, the Ambassador added referring to UFOQ officers.

Likewise, Mr. Ed Anami, UFOQ Chairperson expressed his gratitude to UFOQ officers for the unselfish support. He inspires the officers to continually bear that passion to serve the community with dignity and transparency.

“It is our duty to become responsible and accounted for in uniting the entire Filipino community organizations and individuals in Qatar under a strong partnership and collaboration with the Philippine Embassy. We need to set ourselves as examples of true leaders.” Chairman Anami added.

The Filipino community could expect beneficial programs and events this coming year. To mention some, Leadership Training and Conferences have been set and will push through, Emergency Response and Risk Management Plan have been validated and will be updated, sports and healthy lifestyle programs, community outreach programs, advocacy programs, and the proposed week-long celebration of the 118th Philippine Independence in Qatar.

Cultural Attache of the Philippine Embassy – Mr. John Jaio, who stands as the Embassy focal person for, and adviser of UFOQ, in addition to representatives from iRemit, also graced the meeting.

The UFOQ year-end meeting was sponsored by iRemit – one of the Pay-Out partners of POEA for the BMOnline.


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