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BalitangQ, founded in 2009, is a non-stock Filipino Community News Organization in Qatar under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy. It aims at broadcasting and disseminating accurate and latest information about the Filipinos' way of life, experiences, aspirations and achievements with relevant interests in the current events in the Philippines and other countries, following the principle of balanced, humane and proactive community journalism while upholding and promoting the spirit of unity and camaraderie among the Filipinos and the Filipino Communities.

We envision to be the leading Filipino community news organization in Qatar providing and upholding balanced and latest news about the Filipinos’ and Filipino communities’ way of life and happenings.

The BalitangQ Official Logo

BalitangQ is the promotion and advocacy arm of the United Filipino Organizations in Qatar (UFOQ), the umbrella organization of the Philippine Embassy in Qatar.

The Officers of BalitangQ for 2015 Term are as follows:

  • President: Rannie Tanchico
  • Vice-President (Internal): Rico Dela Rosa
  • Vice-President (External): Ressie Fos
  • Secretary: Ronico Hernandez
  • Asst. Secretary: Suzette Mallette
  • Treasurer: Antonio Magtangol de Leon
  • Auditor: Rovic Cruz
  • Public Relation Officer: Melvin Yadao
  • Business Managers: Mildred Ngoaban & Alvin Bongon
  • Paralegal Officer: Alvin Ordonez Salazar
  • Sergent at Arms: Roger Pontillas

Board of Advisers

  1. Richard Billedo - Cultural Attaché - Philippine Embassy
  2. Florante Cabrito
  3. Fidel Escurel
  4. Margarita Cabrito

Active Members (in Qatar)

  1. Alan Bulan
  2. Aries Celestial
  3. Czeus Jordan
  4. Dennis Monsalud
  5. Marvin Barba




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